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Length-weight and length-length relationships of three endemic freshwater fish species from Anatolia, Turkey

Gülşah Saç*, Müfit Özuluğ


This study aims to investigate the length-weight (LWRs) and length-length relationships (LLRs) of three endemic freshwater fish species (Squalius recurvirostris, Squalius carinus and Capoeta turani) living in Turkey. Fish samples were captured with backpack electro-shocker from June 2006 to October 2010. The calculated values of parameter b in the LWRs were 3.363 and 3.045 for S. recurvirostris (Eber and Ilgın Lake populations, respectively), 3.275 for S. carinus and 3.111 for C. turani. The coefficients of correlation (r) for all the LLR equations were greater than 0.95. The growth parameters of S. recurvirostris is provided for the first time in this study.


Squalius recurvirostris, Squalius carinus, Capoeta turani, endemism, growth type

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